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All families face challenges. Asking for help can often be difficult. And knowing where to turn for help can be problematic.

Bring Up Nebraska believes LOCAL communities are best situated and most motivated to understand their own needs and strengths as they relate to 

  • Reducing entry into the child welfare system and other higher end systems of care (behavioral health, juvenile justice, etc.) and
  • Increasing informal and formal community supports for children and families

Bring Up Nebraska knows preventing crises requires LONG-TERM plans that will:

  • Identify and support solutions to remove barriers in community-based prevention efforts; 
  • Raise awareness of what is working and what is needed to promote a community-based model around prevention. We want Nebraska to be recognized for its successful prevention efforts;
  • Bring local, state, and national partners together to develop new strategies around prevention for Nebraska—including setting priority policies and practices; and 
  • Make sure that all communities in Nebraska have more support and opportunities for community-based prevention

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Community Collaborations

Community Collaborations
Community Collaborations

Complex issues need collaborative solutions. Communities bring all the critical players to the collaboration—service providers, educators, health care professionals, law enforcement, businesses, government agencies, and most importantly, parents and youth. LOCAL communities utilize support to identify gaps in services, develop LONG-TERM plans using the LATEST strategies and data, and coordinate activities. The community collaboration then commits to common goals, measurements, and practices—working as one toward the end goal of improving well-being.

Bring Up Nebraska is a community-led effort, instead of the usual "top down" approach to prevention services. Communities have the best understanding of their own needs and resources. By working in community collaboratives, LOCAL partners identify and coordinate resources in new ways for affordability and sustainability. The focus of Bring Up Nebraska is on building the community's capacity to solve its own problems and be accountable to each other.

Community prevention efforts are not new. Bring Up Nebraska directs new energy, new focus, and new partners to prevention efforts. Through this new energy, we wish to bring more communities and more partners to the table.

The Need in Nebraska

The Need in Nebraska
The Need in Nebraska

A new interactive tool, the Nebraska Community Opportunity Map, is now live to the public. This free resource is designed to increase access to information about communities, especially data relevant to the well-being of Nebraska’s children and families. The ultimate goal is to give policymakers and other stakeholders another tool for making data-informed decisions about resource allocation, service delivery, emergency planning, city planning, and other vital functions.

Click here to view the Nebraska Community Opportunity Map.

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